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Bekanwe Ucayali

Welcome to Ucayali

Welcome to Ucayali


Attention in office from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm



cradle of Amazonian art


The Amazon is the perfect balance of energy what is life; the connection of the universe with mother earth.

The Alfa Viajes y Turismo group has been promoting the development of Ucayali for 29 years, operating in tourism from the city of Pucallpa under the Ruta Alfa Turismo Vivencial brand, which with care and dedication defines and redefines the group and individual excursions that best suit our visitors within Ucayali, Huánuco and Loreto.

Taking excursions with us guarantees your safety, education and fun in a learning adventure about the jungle, its cultures and customs, which would not be possible if you did it on your own.

Traveling with Ruta Alfa Turismo Vivencial is supporting local communities and micro-entrepreneurs, managing together to build responsible and sustainable tourism for everyone.

Como Viajas

All of us who love to travel do not do it in the same way. Alfa Route, organize flexible excursions to your economy and preferences. This way you spend less time searching and more time dreaming about the start of your next adventure.


Whatever your way of traveling, do it your way.


Because sometimes you just need a space where you can be with those you choose and enjoy our company together.


Because our Education is beyond the classroom, it is in contact with culture and nature.

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Consult our library of useful information before visiting our destinations.  Enjoy your reading.

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Quienes Somos


Why experiential tourism?

Why Alpha Route?

Why from Ucayali?

Experiential tourism is special, because you not only visit a place or tour wonderful places, but you learn from its people, their customs, their realities, beliefs and adversities. You educate your soul and feed yourself with unique experiences.

We are a travel agency and tour operator specializing in experiential tourism. For the Ruta Team it is essential that all our visitors learn about our Amazonian culture. Our logistics, security and permanent help inspire us to reinvest every day to improve the experience of our visitors.

From Pucallpa, the capital of Ucayali, we go on different excursions. If you take a flight from Lima it is only 45 minutes and by bus it is approximately 12 hours! In addition, Ucayali is the region with the best development progress and a thriving economy in the Peruvian Amazon.

Tourism and Responsible Consumption

Your safety comes first

We give all our visitors a couple of rules: The first and very important one, DO NOT LITTER the places we visit. Carry your trash and try not to use disposables during excursions; second, maintain respect with the people and their customs; and third, that everything you consume in food and beverages, in addition to the purchase of handicrafts, is done locally to help develop micro-economies towards sustainable tourism, we help you in the process to maintain the safety of your health. ;making you some recommendations during the tours.

At Ruta Alfa your safety is our priority, our logistics is designed to reduce the risk on excursions both in the implementation of basic safety items such as rubber boots, life jackets and rain ponchos, as well as the implementation of our Guides with antivenom serum, first aid kits, machetes, ropes and others. In the jungle accidents or incidents are frequent due to the nature of the adventure. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to the Guide's instructions or purchase an all-risk insurance policy. We cannot be responsible for the loss of valuable objects, which is why you should carry as little as possible and try to relax without worrying about material things.

Lover's Route

Happy to be part of the beginning of your adventures in Ucayali!. Thank you infinitely for contributing to the dissemination of this wonderful national destination.



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